Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator Review

Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator Review

The Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator is an excellent heater for those who are looking to heat up a small office or kitchen. Its compact size allows it to fit neatly under a desk.

Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled RadiatorThe heater comes with some great specs including a 500 Watt heat output capacity and an adjustable thermostat. It is light, compact, and very easy to operate. It also comes with carry handle and castors which makes it easier to move around.

Key Features of the Kingavon BB-OR103

  • It has a 500 Watt heat output and comes with an adjustable thermostat.
  • It has a single heat setting and simple controls.
  • It comes with a carry handle and glide castor.
  • It also has integral cord and plug storage.

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The Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator has some great features such as adjustable thermostat, great controls and good heat output of 500 Watts.

The heater is light weight yet compact product, which can be carried around with ease. The carry handle and glide castors further enhances its mobility and portability. It is a smaller in comparison to other heaters, hence takes a very little storage space. It also has an integral cord and plug storage which further simplifies the storage issues.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat which gives consumer ease of control and customization. Using thermostat, you can set a standard temperature for your room and can save a lot on energy as the thermostat will automatically cut in at that temperature.

The heat output of 500 watts is enough to keep a bedroom, study or a motor-home warm in the deep winter. And, in some cases, under special conditions, the heater can also keep larger spaces warm. The heater also has the capacity to heat up the room in matter of minutes. It can be used in a utility room to ensure the pipes don’t freeze over winter.

The heater is also cheap in terms of the energy consumption. The heater uses minimal energy possible to give 500 watts heat output.

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  • According to most of the users, one of the best things about the heater is the small size and great portability.
  • It is small in size, so can be easily stored and the plug storage certainly comes handy.
  • The heater is very economical investment both in terms of product cost and running cost.
  • Another pro is that it heats room very quickly and efficiently maintains that temperature.


The most common complaint has been that the heater can’t be used to heat big spaces.

Customer reviews and Rating

Most of the customers loved the radiator’s portability and the fact that it can be stored easily. The radiator’s ability to heat the room quickly and to maintain that temperature via a thermostat has also been well liked by users. The most common complaint was about the loud click it makes when thermostat kicks in.

The Kingavon BB-OR103 has been reviewed by 67 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.5 out of 5.0

“I bought this because of the attractive price and low power consumption. I assumed it would be quite power less compared to 2Kw heaters. In reality it gets surprisingly hot instead of a “warm” I expected. Very pleased with the product, the size defiantly is useful as it fits under any desk to keep you warm.”

Adam, Amazon Customer Review

“Excellent little power house of a space heater! Takes up little room, but adds that touch of warmth near a desk, a bed or wherever you find it to be too chilly.”

K Sorley, Amazon Customer Review

“This little radiator is excellent and economical to use. I have used it in my admittedly smallish kitchen and it works well. It produces more heat than I initially thought possible. I would recommend especially for use in small areas or as a supplement to a room with one fixed radiator.”

Xavier, Amazon Customer Review


Overall, Kingavon BB-OR103 5-Fin Mini Oil Filled Radiator is a very good product considering the cost and the output it gives. The features such as adjustable thermostat, carry handle and castors are also great additions.

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