Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator 2 Kilowatt Review

Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator Review

The Dimplex OFC2000 Oil Filled Column Radiator is a durable oil-filled radiator that is capable of heating any kind of space in a small amount of time.

Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column RadiatorThis heater is great for people who want to heat up the desired space fast and effective.

Key Features of the Dimplex OFC2000

  • It has two heat settings, one of 1.5 kW and one of 2 kW
  • It features frost protection and a safety cut-out
  • It is sealed for life
  • It is maintenance free
  • It features fitted castors, cable and fitted plug
  • It has a neon indicator, a tilt switch and a cable tidy

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  • The radiator has great features like the heat settings that allow you to choose from two heat outputs according to your necessities.
  • The fact that it can be easily moved around the house when needed is another reason why buyers appreciate this product.
  • Variable heat settings
  • A maximum heat output of 2 kW


There were some who complained that the radiator smelled when first used.


The great features of the Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator make the radiator a great deal breaker. This radiator can easily meet the needs of anyone, for it can provide heat in no time and it is very effective.

One of the best things about this radiator is the fact that you can choose from two heat settings. This is possible thanks to the thermostatic control with which the device is designed. Therefore, you can either choose a heat output of 1.5 kW or a heat output of 2 kW.

Another great thing about this item is represented by the safety measurements. To explain better, the radiator is equipped with frost protection that will allow you to use the product even when the temperatures are low. Furthermore, the item also has a safety cut-out. This means that, in case of overheating, the radiator will shut down. To make things better, the heating element is completely sealed. Hence, the device is safe, durable and maintenance-free.

This radiator also features fitted castors, making it easy to be moved around the house as desired. Also, the integral cable tidy will help you easily store the radiator when you don’t need to use it. In case of need, the radiator also features a tilt switch and a neon indicator.

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Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator

Customer Reviews and Rating

In time, the Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator, 2 Kilowatt has earned a majority of positive reviews. Customers are content with how it can heat up the desired space in a small amount of time. Some even comment on the portability of the device. Alas, while some are satisfied, some are not. There were customers who complained about this radiator. They stated that it smelled when it was first used but the smell soon disappeared after following instructions.

The Dimplex OFC2000 has been reviewed by 17 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.1 out of 5.0

“Checked the other reviews for this and other similar products and they all vary for each item so gave this one a go since I knew the brand. It’s neat, slightly retro and not too bad to look at but most importantly it really does give off a great amount of heat. We have an old house and oil fired central heating and needed a heater to keep our bedroom at a steady temperature for our baby. This is great, the room heats up quickly, the temperature is maintained and everyone is snug. Thinking about getting another one or two for other cold spots!”

Jane A. Morrison, Amazon Customer Review

“This heater has worked fine for me. I have had it for a few months. It warms my small room up very nicely. It also allows you set the timer – with 4 different programmes. I can set this heater to come on in the morning by itself which is great.”

Sonia, Amazon Customer Review


To sum up, the Dimplex OFC2000 Oil Filled Radiator has great features and can easily warm up the desired space. I highly recommend this radiator to those who want an effective and easy to maneuver device.

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