Oil Filled Radiator: Helping you choose the Best Oil Filled Radiator

In the colder winter months life can get pretty uncomfortable quickly especially if the heating packs up and you can’t get it repaired quickly. If you were in this unfortunate situation, what kind of heater would want by your side to bail you out?

From personal experience I would recommend an Oil filled radiator as the heater of choice but how do you choose a suitable one? Since your reading this article, you are definitely someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any old heater, you want the best oil filled radiator possible to keep your rooms warm. So the aim of this website is to give you all the information you would need to pick the perfect heater for your needs.

Top 3

Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Model 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator
GoodComes with an
easy to user timer
Built in frost
protection system.
It heats up very
quickly with
three output levels.
This truly is a
highly engineered
heater with stylish
looks, digital timer
and remote control.
Providing heating
in silent manner.
The Dragon 3 is
powerful, easy to
move from room
to room. Can pick
between a timer
mode or thermostat.
BadSome users have
found that it can
be difficult
to move the heater
when it is hot.
The in built light
for the digital
display could be
The timer is a
bit fiddly.
OverviewA highly popular
oil filled radiator
with a variety of
features for a
reasonable price
A high quality
oil filled radiator
from a highly
A great value
heater. However
the Prem-I-Air
might be a better

In Our Guide

What is an Oil Filled Radiator? | Why Use an Oil Filled Radiator? | Key Considerations | How Do Oil Filled Radiators Work? | Recommended Oil Filled Radiators

In this guide will find out more about what type of heater an oil filled radiator is, key considerations before buying a radiator and a shortlist of the best 3 radiators we could find.

What is an Oil Filled Radiator?

When we look at the basic oil filled radiator we establish that it is one of the most basic methods of heating homes that is available on the market. In terms of construction the unit is basically a radiator that is filled with heat conserving oil that conducts heat during operation.

The heat conserving oil is sealed inside the coils of the radiator. Since the oil is only warmed during operation, and is never burned it never requires replacement or refilling. With proven technology and great efficiency the radiators are a great addition to heat any room quickly.

Why Use an Oil Filled Radiator?

These radiators are great to heat sold rooms and offices. They are generally very compact and lightweight, making them extremely portable allowing you to place them wherever extra heat is needed.

Oil filled radiators have a few advantages over other electric heaters. These advantages make them both safer, and more efficient than other heaters. One of the most common problem with other electric heaters is that many people don’t feel safe using them during night. And electric heaters generally are costly as they will use a fair amount of electricity, and some cheaper models can have faults leading to short circuiting. In the worst case this could lead to damaged wiring and in some cases electrical fires.

If you are worried about electrical heaters and safety then oil filled radiators are the answer. Unlike other electrical heaters, oil filled radiators tend not have such a high risk of causing electrical damage. Like other electrical heaters they must be plugged into a power socket however the amount power the use is only about 25% of the typical power consumption of other electric heaters. The reason for this is based on how the radiator works. The heat conserving oil in the radiator is slowly heated to a specific temperature, and then the heating unit shuts off.

Key Considerations

Here are the key points you may need to consider when selecting your ideal oil filled heater:

  • Power
  • Safety features
  • Appearance
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Cost
  • Warranty


The power you will require from a radiator will be determined by its expected use. For instance the larger the area you want to be heated the greater power the radiator must be capable off.

Safety Features

Since oil filled radiators are generating heat there is always the minuscule risk of something going wrong resulting in injury. Some units have built in safety features that can include auto-shut down, anti-frost and so on.


I like most people tend to part with my money when I love the appearance of a product even if it does not fulfill all my requirements. I think to myself, do I find the product appealing? If not then I will not touch it with a barge pole. This also applies to oil filled radiator since there are all manner of shapes and sizes that will meet most peoples expectations.


Look into the weight of the unit, generally the lighter the radiator the more portable


One of the most important features to look out for in an oil filled radiator is how easy is to move around? How portable is the unit? Check the dimensions of the unit to ensure it will easily fit wherever you choose to sit the radiator. There are various sizes of oil filled radiators so always pick the one that fits your needs and requirements and more importantly fits in your room.


If money is no were no object then you could forget about this consideration but for many the cost of the unit is probably the most important consideration. Generally you can easily pick up a decent model from between £50 to £100. The more you are willing to spend the more features you will likely get including extra safety features.


Many products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that should give a customer peace of mind, so you are ensured of getting a replacement for a faulty unit if the fault appears within the warranty period. Manufacturers offer different length and coverage of warranty. There are some that can offer a lifetime limited warranty while others offer one or two years of limited warranty. In terms of coverage, there could be some differences too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the warranty coverage first before buying a specific product.

How Do Oil Filled Radiators Work?

So how do these radiators work, firstly the heat conserving oil is heated by heating elements within the radiator to the desired temperature. The oil circulates throughout the coils and fins of the radiator to heat them. These fins in turn will heat the air that moves over them and then will cool the oil as they cool. This cycle will eventually cool the oil to a point where the radiator turns back on. This is much safer than an electric heater that must stay on constantly. Since there are no moving parts to take care of maintenance is rarely required.

Newer radiators have a number of safety features such as overheating shutoff sensors and anti-tipping detectors have made the units extremely safe to use. And they can heat rooms quickly due to the large surface area of the radiator fins.

Below are a few oil filled radiators that we consider the top picks.

Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Model 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator

 Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Model 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator(4.6/5.0)

Click here to see all 476 reviews

Key Features

  • 2.5kW of Heating Power
  • Variable temperature settings – 3 Heat Settings
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Built in casters for ease of movement

The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW radiator has been reviewed by 476 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.6 out of 5.0Click here to see the full review.

DeLonghi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator

De'Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator 2 kW(4.4/5.0)

Click here to see all 190 reviews

Key Features

  • 2kW heat output and 3 heat settings
  • Exclusive “super chimney effect” heats the air faster than a traditional oil-filled radiator
  • Thermostat with frost guard setting and 24-hour timer with override

The DeLonghi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator is a great and technological advanced oil-filled radiator that can heat up any kind of space in no time. This product is ideal for those who desire to automatically monitor the temperature. Click here to see the full review.

DeLonghi Dragon 3 TRD0615T Oil Filled Radiator

De'Longhi Dragon 3 TRD0615T Oil Filled Radiator(4.6/5.0)

Click here to see all 68 reviews

Key Features

  • 1.5 kW heat output and 3 heat settings
  • Exclusive “super chimney effect” heats the air faster then a traditional oil-filled radiator
  • Thermostat with frost guard setting and 24-hour timer with override

The DeLonghi Dragon 3 TRD0615T Oil Filled Radiator is an ideal oil-filled radiator for those who desire to heat all kinds of space in no time. Click here to see the full review.


Picking a suitable oil filled radiator can be extremely difficult since there are plenty of models available. Now that you have seen the various options and read reviews of our top picks on the market, it’s totally up to you to pick one based on your needs and your budget. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions about any oil filled radiator s that should be added to the list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We appreciate all your opinions! Feel free to contact us here at Oilfilledradiatorreviews.co.uk

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